How To Become Wealthy

Summary of Rich Dad Poor Dad – 4 Key Points of Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki RICH DAD POOR DAD.

4 Key Points

In this video Ray will give 4 key points of rich dad poor dad by robert kiyosaki. This summary of rich dad poor dad will point out the following 4 key points:

1. The Rich Don’t Work For Money
2. Financial Literacy
3. The Rich Invest
4. Overcoming Obstacles

Following the idea of #craboutthebucket we can apply this rich dad poor dad review on changing your mindset to see the world from a different perspective financially.

Have you read this book? If so how has it change your life? If you have not read this click the link above to order it now!

Barcelona Restaurants

La Patata Cornella: My best Catalan cheap eat find so far! I cannot get over how ridiculously tasty these potatoes are. Only a 25 min train ride from the Plaza Catalunya, I go to Cornella, to try one of the best potatoes I have ever tried in the region, and the best part is, that it is seriously CHEAP! These potatoes have been salt-baked, and is served with an incredible silky and glossy sauce, but it is a secret, which has been kept within the family for generations. On a Sunday afternoon, it is a perfect way to experience local food and people without a tourist in sight. If you visit this local tapas bar, then truly get excited!

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Potatoes In Catalonia

Get Success

How to win at life is a question that many of us often ponder about. Entirely new perspectives are presented daily. Today Ricky touches on his personal experience with winning in life. How to be a successful person through faith. This has allowed him to Think and Grow Rich. He lives by the concept of God Did It, because everything in his life was literally given to him by GOD and GOD only. His level of perseverance and belief that no matter what situation he finds himself in, there is always a reason followed by a way out into new unknown territories. Growth.

How To Be A Successful Person


I teach you 4 EASY Bm chord variations as I show you how to play Bm on GUITAR. These easy bm chord variations will seriously up your GUITAR game! Check out the show notes here:


In this video from Pickup GUITAR Project where I show you 4 easy Bm chord variations, I’ll show you how to play Bm on GUITAR and show you 4 super easy Bm chord variations. If you want to learn how to play Bm on GUITAR easy, this video is for you because it shows you easy Bm chord variations. The Bm GUITAR chord can be difficult, but by teaching you what is Bm on GUITAR, I’ll give you 4 different ways how to play b minor chord on GUITAR. B minor bar chord is especially hard, but by teaching you Bm GUITAR finger position, you’ll soon be able to play 4 easy Bm chord variations!


ELEVATOR has established itself as one of the leading and most respected tastemakers of music and youth culture, generating over 20,000,000 monthly impressions across multiple platforms. Our mission is to spotlight the unsung talent of the underground. The “up next”. The people, things and brands across the world on the cusp of hitting the tipping point into the mainstream of music, fashion, art and design and events. reaches over 90,000 unique monthly visitors, over 75% of which are 18-24 years old.


Misterios Sin Resolver

Fotos escalofriantes y misteriosas imagenes que se han captado por medio de los lentes de Google maps, google street view y google earth. Desde las fotos mas raras y curiosas que captoron fantasmas y extrañas criaturas a fotografias imposibles. Si te gusta el video ponle like y suscríbete a Mundo Misterio

Datos Curiosos

How To begin A Eurorack Synth

Modular synth basics – How to build a modular synthesizer for beginners

Check out the gear on Kit:

In this video I go over the Modular Synth Basics, and tell you what you need to build a modular synthesizer for beginners.

From Eurorack Case to the first modules for yourfirst Eurorack Synth.

Modular Synthesizer

Teenager Slang

Teens in each generation develop a language of their own based on what is going on in teen culture. And the introduction of social media and digital communication means teen slang is evolving faster than ever.

Dads have an unbelievable hidden talent to embarrass anyone at anytime. Sometimes it’s just natural and they truly are clueless, while other times they are actually going out of their way to embarrass their kids.

Teenager Slang

10 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Go To College

There are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t go to college, if you should go to college, and why college is a scam. College is a waste of time and it has still not changed. Gary Vee discussed also why college is a scam. The student loan debt in america today is in the trillions and it is only getting bigger. Do you have college savings plans lined up so you or your kids can go to school and graduate?

Do you agree with this video about college? What can we do to change the college system for the better of our future?

College Is a Waste Of Time